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About TAC-PAC®

The TAC-PAC® clear ammunition box was designed for the discerning ammunition manufacturer or reloader. Made of thermo-formed plastic and durable enough to be reused, the plastic is also 100% recyclable (check your local recycling center for guidelines) and will last years under normal conditions, which makes for less waste in the landfills. Most ammunition boxes you see in the store today are simple paperboard with a plastic or foam insert. The insert likely can't be recycled, and reusing the box itself becomes impractical because of the thin, porous material. If the box gets wet or dirty, it is most likely ruined (and sometimes rendered unrecyclable - check local guidelines), whereas the TAC-PAC® case can be wiped off and is good to go. The durability and clarity of the TAC-PAC® case also make it unnecessary to transfer ammunition from a paperboard box to a separate plastic ammunition case for storage.

For the wholesale ammunition manufacturer/retailer, the most obvious benefit of the TAC-PAC® case is the innovative clear design. Customers are able to see what they're buying and manufacturers are able to display unique features such as ballistic tips and hollow points. The TAC-PAC® ammo boxes are designed to stack (nest) into each other for ease of display and stability during transport. The case can be reused, making it appealing to reloaders or collectors. TAC-PAC® also offers customization to meet brand specifications.

The TAC-PAC® line of products has a container to fit 99% of the worlds commercial ammunition for handgun, rifle, and shotgun munitions. Furthermore, we can customize our designs to be product or brand specific. We offer the most unique, innovative, and durable ammunition packaging available.

We've built our ammunition packaging with one thing in mind - a radical new design in packaging and a cost effective tool that helps increase sales of your ammunition by MAKING YOUR AMMO STAND OUT.

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