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Features of Tac-Pac Containers

  • The TAC-PAC® ammunition container is a clear, transparent package, allowing customers to visually inspect all aspects of the ammunition before purchase. Unlike other material used in some ammunition packaging, the PET material used in this container is 100% recyclable, reusable, and will not corrode brass like traditional foam inserts.
  • The eight corner hinges utilized in the TAC-PAC® ammunition container provide multiple layers of scurity and impact protection, adding to the benefits of the unique tri-fold construction and design.
  • The design of the top rails and bottom ammunition cells form a 'snap and lock' feature when stacking multiple ammunition containers, greatly reducing product shifting and movement while ensuring stacking conformity.
  • The unique top and bottom ammunition cells essentially 'lock' ammunition in place. This design prevents ammunition from touching, eliminating any metallic sound or potential damage to the ammunition.
  • The concave corners are designed to increase the upward stacking strength of the TAC-PAC® ammunition container, and to reduce impact damage in shipping or while being utilized in the field.
  • The side rails incorporated into the TAC-PAC® ammunition container are added for strength and to allow multiple TAC-PAC ammunition containers to be nested within one another, therefore reducing space.
  • The unique TAC-PAC® insert tray locks into the bottom portion of the container, forming a seprarated and secondary compartment that reduces dust and moisture contact, or for multiple uses usch as spent brass storage, manufacturer information, or coupons.
  • The recessed locking tabs located on all four corners of the TAC-PAC® ammunition container provide security and a functional, reusable means of closure. Additionally, these locking tabs may be heat sealed for increased security and tamper evidence.

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